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At Blind Motion, we have outdoor blinds, outdoor roller blinds, dual roller blinds, outdoor patio blinds, cafe blinds, alfresco outdoor blinds, plantation shutters, aluminium external shutters, Roman blinds, Venetian blinds and panel glides. We have the very best exterior alfresco blinds and
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Outdoor Blinds For Your Home

Blindmotion Outdoor Blinds

Here’s 6 Great reasons to get a no obligation Free in home measure and product consultation.

01. High quality, long lasting parts.

Featuring rust proof stainless steel, zinc plated steel tubes and robust mechanical parts, our outdoor blinds are built to provide you with many years of reliable service.

02.The best looking blinds on the market.

Beautiful design incorporating smooth lines in colours to suit your home. Give your outdoor space that ‘WOW!’ factor with Blindmotion outdoor blinds Sydney.

03.Buy direct and save $$.

At our Sydney factory, we manufacture and craft the best outdoor blinds for your outdoor living space. When it comes to quality and affordability, you won’t find a better option anywhere else.

04. Shade and privacy in the one package.

Achieve the perfect balance of external shade and visibility with our innovative screens. Our high-quality shades will help you beat the heat from the sun while maintaining your privacy by preventing people from seeing in, all while allowing you to enjoy the view outside.

05. Retain your view while enjoying privacy

With the option of zip sides, cable guided or bottom straps, we have a system that will work in your outdoor area.

06. Smart home ready.

Choose a motorisation option and connect to Google Home of Amazon Alexa. “Hey Google, close my outdoor blinds…”

Are you ready to find out more about beautiful, practical and long lasting outdoor blinds for your home?

Here’s 5 great reasons to get a FREE in home measure and product consultation from Blindmotion Outdoor Blinds Sydney:

01. We’ll use our years of industry experience to recommend great looking products in the latest styles and colours that will work in your home and that will be real solutions to your needs.

02.You’ll see first hand durable, long lasting quality products made to measure to fit perfectly into your home.

03. There is no risk to you because we guarantee your new window or outdoor products will work, fit and function as promised – if they don’t, we’ll remove them and give you $500 towards replacing them from a supplier of your choice.

04. Our products are backed by a genuine and realistic 5 year warranty. We’ve been around longer than our warranty which makes our term of 5 years believable. We take pride in our products and we’ll only sell you well made and fit for purpose items. Although it’s infrequent, with tens of thousands of individual products installed in Australia, we get the occasional warranty call and we absolutely love attending to them. Why? Because we know we’re judged more by how we handle the challenges and that the feeling of being supported by a business that takes ownership of issues builds incredible goodwill with our customers.

05. We’ll measure for the products you’d like to see in your home and provide a written quotation on their supply and installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Outdoor Blinds Sydney

They are fundamentally a heavy duty and weather proof version of an indoor roller blind. They have heavy duty mesh fabric, rust proof metal parts and a gearbox or a motor to raise and lower the blind. They are built using larger tubes (the tube is the part the fabric rolls on) with indoor blinds having tubes around 44mm in diameter and outdoor blinds 78mm.

Blinds made for outdoor areas almost always have some way of preventing the blind from moving during light wind.

Note for ‘Retractable Blinds’ also known as Folding Arm Awnings please follow
this link

There are 4 types of blinds for your outdoors:

  • Straight drop or standard ‘Blinds’ designed for outside weather conditions: These are blinds that have a set of brackets, a tube, some way of raising and lowering and optionally a system to tie the blind to the ground to prevent movement like straps or clips. They’re an effective low cost option.
  • Cable guide (or ‘wire guide’): As the name suggests, these blinds are guided by a stainless steel cable that runs from the top of the blind to the bottom of the blind’s travel. The advantage of the wire guide is that it allows the blind to be stopped at any position with the cables preventing the blind from blowing about in the wind.
  • Side Retention System: These blinds are also known by product names such as ZipScreen® and Ziptrak® . The fabric of the blind has a flexible zip welded or sewn into the sides. The zip runs in a channel at each edge of the blind. Side retained blinds have a number of benefits: flat looking fabric, exclusion of dust and insects, enclosure of outdoor areas and total privacy.
  • Deep channel: These look like a zip sided blind but don’t have a zip. Instead they run in channels at the edge of the blind. They’re a lower cost option, however they don’t exclude insects and can be blown out of the channel in light winds.

All prices below assume a basic sunscreen, privacy or PVC fabric.

  • For a basic rope operated straight drop 1200mm X 1200mm approx $620 fitted.
  • For a basic cable guide without a headbox (cassette), gearbox operated 3000mm X 2600mm approx $1600 fitted.
  • Add a headbox to the above blind for approx $235.
  • For a channel guide blind without a headbox 3000mm X 2600 with a gearbox approx $1710 fitted.
  • For a top of the range Zip sided blind 3000mm X 2600mm with a fully enclosed headbox, gearbox control and crank handle professionally fitted, approx $2460.
  • Motorise an outdoor blind for approximately $330 plus electrician costs of about $140 per connection.

No. Outdoor blinds should be retracted when unattended or during big gusty winds.

A cafe blind is a term used to describe clear PVC blinds used in outdoor areas in restaurants and cafes. They provide a barrier to breezes and make outdoor heating more effective.

Most outdoor blind systems will span to 5000mm. Past that point tubes and other components tend to increase in size bringing greater cost. 6000mm is the largest most systems will go to.

For basic cleaning, soapy water and a soft bristle broom can be used. Once clean, the blind can be hosed off and allowed to dry before retracting. If an outdoor blind gets mouldy, solution dyed fabrics can be hit with mild bleach – check with the manufacturer before using bleach.

This a subjective question! As a disclaimer, Blindmotion sells, manufactures and installs the Hunter Douglas Alpha product which we have found to be excellent. Other noteworthy brands are, in no particular order: Acmeda Zipscreen, ZipTrack, Uniline and Helioscreen.

Generally no unless they are total blockout or clear PVC. Screen blinds certainly reduce the amount of rain getting into outdoor spaces but they are not chosen soley for this purpose.

Yes absolutely. Outdoor blinds can be motorised with remote control or connected to a home automation system.

A headbox (or pelmet) is a covering over the top of the blind that encapsulated the tube, brackets and most of the control mechanism. A pelmet protects the blind fabric from sun and dust and prolongs the life of the blind.


Available in configurations to suit your space. With the option of bottom straps, cable guided or
zip sided, we have a system that will work in your outdoor area. All outdoor blinds can be motorised.

The ultimate outdoor blind

Our most popular outdoor blind

Great 'Go To' outdoor blind

Fabric options

We’ll show you samples of the following UV stabilised, long lasting fabrics in a
wide range of colours so you know what will look great in your home.

95% range. The following fabrics block 95% of light and allow 5% to pass through.

99% range. The following fabrics block 99% of light and allow 1% to pass through.

Stripes. Something a little bit different.

Hardware colours

Our headboxes, side channels and bottom rails are available standard in the following colours.

Buy risk free - products don't work & look as we said they would? We'll refund your money and give you $500 towards their replacement with a supplier of your choice.
5 year repair or replacement product warranty. We stand by what we sell.

Other Solutions

Practical and stylish, our outdoor blinds let you enjoy the outdoors protected from the elements. That’s just one of the many reason you’d want to get outdoor blinds.
Our outdoor blinds are also available in a variety of materials that give you varying levels of privacy. You can get blinds with thicker material so you can enjoy a relaxing outdoor space away from the prying eyes of the public. Keep in mind that outdoor blinds will also protect your furnishings from fading and premature ageing.

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Awning Installs

Outdoor Blinds Newtown

This is a back yard renovation in Newtown, a suburb of Sydney. Motorised outdoor blinds were chosen by the owners to provide privacy and to stop the morning sun heating up the living area on the other side of the blind. The picture clearly demonstrates the privacy these blinds provide. There’s a glass sliding door behind the blind but it is not able to be seen with the blind down.

On the technical side:

These blinds are beautifully designed and have long lasting stainless steel components.

Outdoor blinds Installs

Outdoor Blinds for Verandah

This is a set of outdoor blinds installed to a verandah in a residential home in Sydney. These outside blinds were selected by the homeowners for their ability to provide privacy and block out the morning sun. As seen in the picture, the blinds effectively obscure the view of the glass sliding door behind them. This allows the homeowners to enjoy a cooler living space without sacrificing their privacy.

On the technical side:

Featuring a sleek and elegant design, these blinds are built to last with high-quality stainless steel components.

Outdoor blinds Installs

Outdoor Blinds installed to outside of window

These outdoor blinds were installed on the windows of a historic building in Sydney. Chosen by the client for their ability to provide privacy and block out the sun’s glare, the blinds are seen in the picture effectively obscuring the view of the glass sliding windows behind them on the second storey. This allows the occupants of the building to enjoy a cooler living space and protects them from the glare of sunlight coming through.

On the technical side:

In addition to their attractive appearance, the blinds are built to last with high-quality stainless steel components, ensuring that they will continue to provide reliable performance for years to come.