Total control at your finger tips.

For only $299, why not motorise your blinds.? Motorised blinds have always offered the pinnacle of luxury and convenience and now they’re a highly affordable option with Blindmotion’s remote control motorised options

Available in switch or remote control operation, electric roller blinds can be easily integrated into home automation systems.

Motorised Blinds:

Highly flexible to work in your home!

Motorised blinds can be configured to cater for whatever unique installation requirements your home has. Furthermore, Blindmotion can ‘link’ blinds so one motor drives 2 blinds, which is perfect for French doors and wide openings.

Enjoy the view.

Sydney’s amazing vistas are perfectly complemented by Blindmotion motorised blinds.

Benefits of Automated Roller Blinds:

  • Remote controls can be configured to open each blind in a room individually or all the blinds at once.
  • Both single and dual roller blinds can be motorised. The difference between single and Dual blind systems is that dual blinds feature 2 blinds on the one bracket; because you get ‘2 blinds in one’, duals  are often installed with a translucent sunscreen privacy shade fabric for day and a total block-out fabric for night.
  • In the case of dual roller blinds, either or both blinds can be motorised. This provides a cost effective option in cases where one blind will be left in position (chain operated) and the other blind (motorised) is frequently used.
  • You can option your motorised blinds with our Pelmet and head box options. Our pelmets are made to measure and can be coloured to match the inside of your home.
  • Motorisation makes hard to reach windows easy and convenient to operate without any need for a step ladder or a stool.
  • Ease of operation: automated blinds open and close at a touch of a button.
  • All Blindmotion blinds are proudly made in Australia and come with a 5 year warranty.

Electric Blinds

If you need top quality motorised blinds, you can get in contact with the experts at Blindmotion blinds Sydney. Virtually maintenance free, they add style and performance to just about any room – you’ll have complete ease and convenience with the touch of a single button. We’re able to sync your entire home to a remote control to open and close your blinds whenever you want.

They are available with a range of pelmet options that perfectly compliment the installed blinds. Blockout roller blinds are the most popular window treatment due to their value for money, ease of use and functionality. Blindmotion rollers are made from high performance fabrics designed to withstand the harsh elements of the Australian climate. We also offer a wide selection of outdoor blinds perfect for outdoor entertainment areas.

Motorised Roller Blinds

Motorised blinds are an essential addition to your Sydney home for a few reasons – they improve your home energy savings as well as boosting your level of privacy. Studies show that windows will lose as much as 75% of energy – motorised roller blinds keep the heat in during winter and out during summer. On top of this, electric blinds that are automated make your home much less of a target to thieves and burglars, who try to pick unoccupied, easy-to-access properties. Not at home one night? Your automated blinds can simply roll down on a schedule shutting out the outside world from any prying eyes.
If you’re looking for the best motorised roller blinds Sydney has to offer, you can rely on us, so get in contact with Blindmotion blinds Sydney today by calling 1300 998 442.