Motorised Aluminium Venetians Outside

Blindmotion supplies, installs and recommends HORISO© external venetian blinds (EVBs). Horiso EVBs are manufactured using high quality and durable components with a high recycled content, with all main parts made from aluminium, perfect for the outdoors.


  • They’re available in widths from 800mm to 6000mm and drops to 9000mm
  • Being fully motorised, they can be integrated with building automation systems.
  • They have the ability to control privacy, light, glare and heat gain with one motorised window shading solution.
  • Slats are available in practical sizes with the option of perforation so there’s a slat for any application.
  • With sun, wind and rain sensors the blinds can be deployed or retracted automatically.
  • EVBs lower glazing specification and eliminate tinting, reducing construction costs.They’re made for harsh environments, featuring high quality and long lasting German control motors, 316 marine grade stainless steel for cable guides, 25 micron anodised finishes, Kevlar ladder braid, PES filament lifting tape.
  • Colour matched pelmets are available.
  • Wind resistance up to 90 kph and compliance with Australian Wind Loading Standard AS1170.2.
  • Extensive range of Slats to suit every application for both commercial and domestic.
  • Precision Extruded Drive shaft for fine tilt control.
  • Architectural design choice is broad, with a range of options available for pelmets, colours, slats and motor control, with custom colours available.
  • 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.


EVBs are one of the best ways to stop solar heat gain and are frequently used to meet BASIX requirements in NSW. Being fully motorised, are able to be easily controlled by building automation systems or hand held remote control.

They’re fully adjustable – raise, lower and tilt. Being external, they stop solar heat gain from the outside, reducing thermal gain by up to 93%.

They are a beautiful, long lasting shading solution for buildings. They’re available in a range of colours to ease the transition from the built to natural environment.


Elegantly encapsulating the elements of design into a practical, functional form, External Venetian Blinds (EVBs) give architects, specifiers, builders, designers and owners an option to not only add to the aesthetics of a building, but also to dramatically increase the building’s environmental sustainability.