Skylight blinds Sydney: What’s the best solution for blinds in skylights? Ideally, the sunlight should be controlled before it passes through the glass. This prevents a lot of heat entering the home and saves significantly on cooling costs. This fantastic product from Helioscreen stops the sun in its tracks

We fitted a Varioscreen skylight blind to this home. It’s motorised with a remote control. It also has a wind sensor to retract it during high winds. Its an external product and the heat never enters the home. This is best practice light control for skylights! Where an external product is not an option, plantation shutters can be used –

Skylights are notoriously tricky to get blinds to work properly in. Good solutions are possible. Normal roller blinds require gravity to function and this doesn’t exist in horizontal blinds. If you have skylights, get in touch and we will help you with some options.