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Why am I revealing these controversial secrets? A couple of reasons. Firstly because you need and deserve to know and secondly because it's frustrating and almost embarrassing to be part of an industry that sees the stuff that is revealed in the report as normal business practice and I’m calling it out"

Phil Barnett,

Owner Blindmotion

Controversial FREE Report Reveals

Secrets Of An Industry Insider That Can No Longer Show His Face At Trade Shows Or Conventions!

Seriously, my industry peers hate me for revealing these cold, hard truths...

If you're considering getting a quote for motorised roller blinds or any window furnishing solution, then I promise you that the information revealed in this FREE, no obligation full colour report will not only raise your eyebrows, but will arm you with the information you need to spot the dodgy tactics and shop with confidence.

Here just some of the things you'll learn...
  • The dirty truth about how you will be prevented from truly shopping around - and how to turn this tactic on its head (page 4).
  • Battery (wireless) vs hardwired (240 volt) blind motors; we look at the pros and cons of each type and reveal what you probably won't be told about battery motors. 
  • The best blind bargains are found on sale right? WRONG! Discover the deceptive 'on sale' tactics used and what to do about them (page 5).
  • How you can be sold poorly fitted, badly measured roller blinds and be left at the mercy of the company that installed them - you'll learn how to avoid this trap!

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