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5 alarming things you must know before buying motorised roller blinds (Number 3 will save you $1000s!)

This full colour PDF report will show you how to avoid the pitfalls of an industry that has many unseen dangers - from dodgy products to questionable advertising and a few painful things in between. You'll be fully informed and will research & buy motorised  blinds for your home that will be the highest quality, best value and you'll save money in the process!

Here are some of the things you will learn...

  • The dirty truth about how you will be prevented from truly shopping around - and how to turn this tactic on its head (page 4).
  • The best blind bargains are found on sale right? WRONG! Discover the deceptive 'on sale' tactics used and what to do about them (page 5).
  • Discover how to get the lowest price for excellent quality blinds (yes you can have your cake and eat it too! - page 8).
  • How you can be sold poorly fitted, badly measured roller blinds and be left at the mercy of the company that installed them - you'll learn how to avoid this trap!

This guide is a great resource for someone in the market for window coverings. It opened my eyes to things I would have missed and has definitely saved me money on my new blinds.

Jackie Murray


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