Blindmotion Design Hub – 3 Step Process

  1. Be inspired. Get ideas from our huge range of samples. Be guided by our experience on what will work – both practically and aesthetically. This is the high level stage, abstracted from fine detail, where imaginations can run free. 
  2. Innovate with us – turn ideas into concrete solutions. Items are ticked off off your project. Stunning designs are created. We’ll leverage all the tools at our disposal, from in-house interior designers, our industry supply partners and literally thousands of up-to-date product options. We’ll listen carefully to your needs and perfectly balance form with function. We use a consultative process to create a look you’ll love. Fine details are distilled from ideas and the final products carefully specified. After this step, you’ll have 100% clarity and a list of products to go to production with.
  3. Realisation. The rubber meets the road and details are king. We take precise measurements based on a comprehensive design brief then we go to production. We’ll manufacture high quality products so they last for many years. Finally, our experienced installers expertly fit the curtains, blinds, shutters, awnings, wallpaper and any other products.

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